Conducting foreign money transfers can be an expensive business these days. The collapse of economies around the world and the ensuing recession has meant that you don’t get a lot of currency for the British pound anymore compared to just three years ago. If you conduct regular international money transfers as part of your business or to send money to family abroad, it can now cost you a lot more than it used to. Nevertheless, we are able to offer you a solution. Here at Foreign Currency Direct, we make it affordable to transfer money overseas.

We do this in a number of ways. Because we trade high volumes of currency every day and work directly in the currency markets, we are able to get the best exchange rate available on every type of currency. So whether you are sending money to the Czech Republic or China, we will be able to offer you a great deal – and all commission-free! Another reason we are able to offer a commercial exchange rate which is around 4% better than that offered by any of the banks, is because we work online and so have minimal running costs. No matter where you are based, we will be able to help you and you will also be saved the inconvenience of making a trip to the bank. Where transfers have some flexibility, we can also advise you on when the best time is to move your money, because we have a thorough knowledge of the market.