Approximately 200,000 Brits leave the UK every year to live in foreign climes, and around a third of these will never return to reside on our shores. The move itself could be due to a number of different factors, such as general disenchantment with the British government, or retirees seeking warmer temperatures in which to enjoy their retirement. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure, you will need to exchange a large amount of money in order to fund yourself while you are living there.

Although sending money abroad is nothing new, doing it in a cost-effective way is. Money transfer services from the banks are extremely costly, and the costs are often hidden or hard to find out. Until relatively recently, the options were limited so they could get away with this, but no more! At Foreign Currency Direct we can offer exceptional exchange rates because we are specialist currency brokers.

Because we buy and sell large amounts of currency every day, we can offer great commission-free deals to all our clients. We also know when the best times are to trade because we follow and work directly in the currency market, unlike your bank, and so you can end up saving as high as 4% on their rate. If you are exchanging large amounts of money to go and live abroad, this could save you thousands of Pounds, which you could put towards buying or developing a property out there, or simply having fun.