When you move abroad, you might think that you can conduct a large currency exchange with one set of transfer fees and that will be the end of it. While technically this is possible in theory, for most people it is unlikely to be the case in practice. It is very often the case that you may need to send money back home for different reasons – to help out family members or to pay leftover bills, for example. It may also be that you have kept your property back home and so need to regularly send money back to cover the bills and maintenance expenses. When you move abroad there is so much to organise with the properties and travel arrangements that it is easy to overlook transferring your money. Many people leave it up to their banks to deal with sending money abroad and back again whenever necessary, but the fact is that they are losing out substantially through poor exchange rates and hefty transfer fees and commission.

It is a common misconception that it is easier to use a bank’s money transfer services, but this is simply British lethargy. At Foreign Currency Direct, we are specialist currency brokers. Because exchanging and sending currency is our only job, we do it well and we make it as simple as possible for our customers. There are no hidden fees, you pay no commission and you also get to take advantage of exceptional exchange rates. It couldn’t be easier!