For a lot of parents, ending their precious teenage son or daughter away to go on their gap year brings back emotional memories of their first sleepover at a friend’s house, their first day at school, and their first holiday alone or with the family of a schoolfriend. It can be daunting to send your loved ones away on such a long trip, particularly if they’re going far away, and aren’t especially streetwise. Wise parents, those who’ve done it before with older children and know what to expect, already know that the worst thing to do is lie awake thinking of the worst that could possibly happen. If you’re keen to avoid hysteria on this important occasion and send them off at the airport with a smile on your face, you need to know that you’ll know what to do even if something does go wrong. Start planning so that if the worst-case scenario does come true, you’ll know what to do and who to call.

If  you find yourself sending money abroad, whether for the deposit on a rented flat, to tide them over while their bags arrive, foreign medical assistance, or a plane ticket home, then before you panic and get the credit card out, call us. At Foreign Currency Direct we know all there is to know about making a foreign money transfer easily, securely and as quickly as possible – which is exactly what you need when they’re in trouble out there.