Moving house is daunting enough even if you’re only changing postcodes… when you’re moving abroad or coming home after a long stay abroad it can be a nightmare trying to get organised. From visa cards and working visas to passports and permits, every expatriot feels overwhelmed by all the paperwork at one point or another, and if you’re dealing with it all in a language other than your mother tongue that only adds to the confusion! If you’re moving abroad for the first time it can be something of a leap into the unknown, with very little to be certain of, and if you run into difficulties it can be hard to know where to turn.

If you get in trouble out there and you need the folks back home to start sending money abroad, then you’re in the right place. Foreign Currency Direct ideally placed to offer stranded travellers a plan B, be they teenage gap year students with no ticket home or full-time expats looking to move their own hard-earned funds more permanently. We offer great exchange rates when it comes to foreign money transfer, which is good to know when you or someone you love is in a tight spot. So if you’re looking for a backup plan, call today and find our how we can help you out. Wherever you are, and wherever your money happens to be, we’re in the business of getting you together.