Whether you’re a seasoned traveller heading off for another adventure or a first-time backpacker in shiny new hiking boots saying goodbye at the airport and setting off on your gap year, there is a lot to remember when you’re heading abroad. If you’re in a spin with passports, innoculations, baggage weight limits and keeping hold of your boarding pass, the last thing you need is to find yourself worrying about money. And however safe your destination, it’s nice to know that if something goes wrong you’ve got a backup plan on hand.

So if you find yourself in trouble out there, you already know the only name you’ll ever need to sort it all out; Foreign currency direct. It really is as easy as that. Whether you’re appealing to the bank of Mum and Dad for cash for a ticket home or just looking for an advance of your own funds to get set up, if you find yourself needing to transfer money overseas you need look no further. Quick, easy and efficient, we’re the experts when it comes to getting cash from A to B… whatever far-flung spot “B” might happen to be today. When you’re travelling you can never be certain that things will go according to plan, but with foreign money transfers that are the best in the business, you can at least be sure of a plan B that you know you can rely on.