Whether you are a family, a young couple or a single professional, it is quite likely that you will have dreamed of buying a second home abroad. Thankfully, when foreign currency exchange rates favour the Pound, those dreams can become a very real proposition. However, before you look into the practicalities of finding money transfer services to buy that dream property, it might first be a good idea to consider which destinations might suit you best.

Florida – Families

Year-round sunshine, reasonable flight prices and a wealth of affordable holiday homes makes the Sunshine State a big hit with British buyers. With Disneyworld, Universal Studios and many other theme parks all in close proximity, Florida is the perfect location for a family holiday home.

France – Couples

France will always be one of the great destinations to have an overseas holiday home because of its sheer diversity. With Mediterranean splendour, idyllic Alpine ski resorts, charming countryside, and sophisticated cities, France really has something to suit everyone. It is a dream location for young couples to spend their child-free weekends exploring everything the country has to offer.

Dubai – Single professionals

Vibrant and exciting, Dubai is a fantastic place to enjoy plenty of sun, sand and shopping. This magnetic city is full of British ex-pats and so is the perfect place for single professionals to enjoy a bustling social scene with all-year-round glamour.

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