If you are planning to retire abroad, you are by no means alone. After all, you have worked hard all your life and you deserve the chance to enjoy yourself and benefit from some real relaxation. Indeed, many people decide they would rather head off to sunnier places to spend their time after giving up their jobs.

And these days the prospect may be even more attractive thanks to developments in communications technology. It is now possible to speak to loved ones easily and cheaply and you can even engage them in live video links, making it seem as though you are sat next to them, not hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

But before you head off on your adventure, there is a lot to organise and one task that sometimes gets overlooked is foreign currency exchange. After all, issues such as accommodation and travel arrangements may seem much more important.

However, the fact is, if you fail to secure the best deals on foreign money transfer, you could miss out on thousands of pounds. And losing out on cash in this way may mean your experiences of moving to a new country are diminished.

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